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But Didrickson has been unable to go back to work and still has periods of depression and mania, though much milder ones. He manages the house, cooks and has taken up woodworking.

"The good thing, I guess, is that I don't hold on to yesterdays," he said. "That's a blessing, I think, frankly. But I also don't have tomorrow. My life isn't about tomorrow."

"Going out in the evening can be very, very, challenging for him," Harkin said. "If we go to a concert or a dance performance and it's too noisy, he'll have to leave. If . there's someone in a film who's violent or cruel, that's very upsetting to him too."

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also noted that the weight loss surgery he had "can change how the body absorbs food, liquids, vitamins, nutrients and medications."

"It's nothing like I thought my life would be," Didrickson said.

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one Chicagoan's story

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of the most treatable illnesses we have in medicine," Zajecka said. "If it's diagnosed properly and treated appropriately, there's no reason they can't get back to resuming a normal lifestyle and their normal goals in life."

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Many people with bipolar disorder are able to resume their previous lives.

He didn't know why he needed a higher dose. But then he came upon online message board Shox Nike For Cheap postings by people who had undergone gastric bypass surgery and then found that their antidepressant medicines stopped working.

The gastric bypass surgery he had undergone years earlier to lose weight, he concluded, was keeping his body from absorbing the medicine.

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The Mayo Clinic statement announcing Jackson's diagnosis Womens Gray And Pink Nike Shox

any dose he's taking."

Didrickson's doctor would only marginally increase his dosage of the notoriously abused amphetamine. He has been on the higher dosage for a year and a half.

"We have never seen any evidence of drug toxicity or high blood pressure," Christoff said. "He's really not absorbing much of Womens Nike Shox Sale Cheap

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